Professional Skin Care for Home Use

Ecologica was conceived and nurtured in Malibu, inspired by the ocean and all of its powers.
Ecologica is simple to use, making a difference you can see from the very first treatment.

How Ecologica Works
Over 30 years of carefully researched and proven ingredients are selected for each product.  A variety of the finest natural essential oils, aromatic plants and mineral-rich botanicals from all parts of the earth are added to cleanse, protect and restore balance and harmony to the skin.

These proprietary and vital ingredients were added to a unique seaweed jell base with properties that are so close to the body's biological matrix to restore and replenish the natural fluids needed, allowing perfect assimilation and nourishment to the skin.   Only the finest and purest natural ingredients are selected.  You will never find ingredients that are inserted with “trendy” buzz words to attract customer.  Never will you see waxes, phosphates, or paraffins in Ecologica.  What you will see is results.  a clean, healthy and radiant appearance.