I am very grateful for the professional work of Vicki Cooper at Faces by Vicki Salon. I suffer from a disease called Trichotillomania, compulsive hair-pulling. This disease caused me to pull out much of the hair in my eyebrows resulting in bald patches. My dermatologist referred me to Vicki. She has helped cancer patients who have lost all of their eyebrows as well as using her permanent make-up techniques to help Hollywood stars define their brows. The permanent make-up procedure begins with a consultation where Vicki color matches the dye to your hair and shapes your brows using a make-up pencil to demonstrate how it will look when finished. Her work has such a natural effect that many people have said that I have the most perfect brows they have ever seen. They are surprised when I tell them that I don’t have full brows at all. This is the biggest compliment that permanent make-up can receive. You do see people with very scary and un-natural looking permanent make-up on the streets, but I assure you that Vicki’s goal is a completely natural and flattering look. I am so relieved that I can exercise, go swimming, and much more without the fear of people noticing my patchy and bald eyebrows. Vicki is a sensitive and caring professional who helped my self-confidence. I whole-heartedly recommend her cosmetic services.

Jennifer D.


The story of the eyebrows I was born with played a crucial role in my teenage years. You see, I believed I had these soulful cocker spaniel brows ruining what I believed to be my best feature, my green eyes! So, my life in those years consisted of hiding an eyebrow pencil in my purse to "do my brows"! As I grew up a bit more and married, the eyebrow pencil was a crucial part of my life. Years later, in the 80's I was told of Vicki's wonderful work by my Dermatologist, Dr. Margaret Olsen, who showed me photos of her work. I did not walk or run, I drove in my car, full speed, to my first appointment in Malibu. Yes, you guessed right, I look how I always wanted to, without having to draw them on everyday!!! They are there every time I look in a mirror, every time I shower every morning I wake up. I am always amazed at how natural they look. So, Vicki, here is to having found you and becoming one of your faithful followers!

Pat S.
Los Angeles